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I have been a nature enthusiast since I was a small girl. My professional background is in website development. It only makes sense to merge my love for nature with my skills in online marketing to help spread awareness, and appreciation for Our Beautiful Planet.

Our planet has a plethora of beauty that people either don’t realize is there, or don’t take the time to appreciate. It is my goal to not only educate people about the beauty our planet has to offer, but to help spread awareness for conservations to ensure our Earth's beauty is around for future generations.

Currently, I live in Orlando Florida with my girlfriend, my cat and my dog, but enough about me! More about Our Beautiful Planet.

Our mission at Our Beautiful Planet is simple. Our goal is to publish the best, most useful, interesting, and beautiful content about nature, science, sports and outdoors. 

Operating Our Beautiful Planet is not free. Running a website can be very time consuming and expensive. On top of the cost of content, images, server space, and purchasing products to review, the time investment is huge.

Our Beautiful Planet is my business, and I love it. In order to pay for the expenses, Our Beautiful Planet uses referral and affiliate links. When you follow one of our links to purchase a product, we then get a percentage of the sale. Using these links does not cost you anything additional. The links simply generate us commission for bringing that company a buyer. You pay the same amount for a product whether you use our links, or navigate to the website to purchase a product yourself.

Nobody can pay us to be featured on Our Beautiful Planet. We will never endorse a product we do not believe in. We do not accept paid write-ups. We do not accept bribes to review a product in a positive light. Even products we get for free are reviewed with pros and cons to give you an unbiased source of information.

At its core, we are supported by our readers, so we will always put you guys first.