Best Anti-fog cycling glasses

Best anti-fog cycling glasses

Many cyclists face the problem of how to keep the lenses of their sunglasses from fogging up during an intense workout or cold day. To combat that problem many brands have developed an anti-fogging cycling glasses to prevent such an occurrence from happening and obscuring the view of the athlete.

Popular Anti-Fog Glasses Options

While there are many different types of cycling glasses that claim to be for proof, glasses produced by the Company Ryder have received an increase in popularity due to their new Anti-Fog technology they now incorporate into their lenses.

To prevent that annoying fog from creeping into the view glasses that are coated with Ryders Anti fog layer are specially designed to block any chance of condensation appearing. To do this “the back of the lens has a military-grade, hydrophilic layer. The layer absorbs and disperses water vapour/humidity throughout the material, eliminating the opportunity for it to condense on the surface.”  The front of the lenses are coated in a water proofing material to prevent water droplets and sweat from sticking around. The lenses are also available in nine different shades to adapt to any weather and lighting situation.

The two most poplar models from Ryders to feature this innovative anti fog technology are their Thorn model and there Seventh model.

It should also be noted that while these two models rate the highest in Ryders Anti Fog series, all of their models containing the anti fog coating also received amazing reviews and some are also on the cheaper end. Its always best to go by personal preference when choosing a good pair of cycling sunglasses to invest a lot of money in so they can lost a long time.

Ryders Thorn glasses

These glasses by Ryder received five-star reviews and amazement from cyclists who purchased them. They have Ryders new anti-fog technology on the lenses and it’s been stated that even if you try to get them to fog, it’s nearly impossible.

The glasses were featured in ‘Decline’ magazine, a popular cyclist read (now out of print), and the ‘Thorns’ were put to test to see if they lived up to the hype:

I kept the Thorns on and pedaled harder, trying to steam these things out. We stopped and talked, we pedaled, we ate, and all the while my glasses stayed on my face, fog free.” An article about the Ryders Thorns stated. Many cyclists have also stated the same in various blogs and reviews, and they are highly recommended.

The ‘Ryders Thorn’ model has a snug and stylish fit, featuring wide frames and full coverage lenses and various styles to appease anyone’s personal preference, the lenses are also interchangeable to adapt to different weather conditions for the best view.

Ryders Seventh glasses

The ‘Ryders Seventh’ is also extremely popular, due to its stylish fit and lower price tag. The Seventh has a more minimalist design than the Thorn, but what it lacks in drama, it makes up for in quality. It also includes the anti fog technology and received the same praise as the Thorn model in its anti-fog abilities,

What makes this model unique, is how customizable it is. The nose piece and temple pieces of the Ryders Seventh are completely interchangeable and can be customized to create the perfect fit for the wearers face.

The ‘Seventh’ also comes in a variety of lens types and colors and does not lack in options.

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Oakley, another favorite and highly popular brand among cyclists and outdoors enthusiasts alike,  also is always looking for ways to solve the fogging problem and they do that by making sure their glasses can provide the wearer with adequate ventilation and air flow. And while Oakley has many popular models, and very few complaints of any of them having issues with fogging up, The most talked about model of Oakley’s that’s stands out among the rest in that department the most would be the Oakley Jawbreaker models.

Oakley Men's Jawbreaker OO9290 Shield Sunglasses

The Oakley Jawbreaker has been a fan favorite since its release.  With its unique and durable design, it’s no wonder why.

Cyclists love the fit of this model, and the slits along the perimeter of the lens allow proper airflow to get through, to prevent any fogging during a ride. Oakley features this ventilation technique in many of its models and it is said to be just as effective as Ryders Anti-Fog coating. The fit of this model is also tight enough to not slip off, but also loose enough to provide comfort and a great, clear view.

These glasses are on the more expensive side as far as cycling glasses go, but they are Cleary worth the investment form the multitude of perfect five star reviews everywhere they are sold.

And while getting a new pair of cycling glasses just for the added anti fogging factor might be a bit out of many people price range sometimes, there are also a multitude of products designed to help turn any pair of cycling sunglasses fog proof. These products work as a cleaner of sorts, and also prevents any fogging occurring. One do product has popped up on multiple reviews and websites because of its successful fog clearing, is lovingly called Cat Crap.

catcrap lens cleaner

This small container of cleaner packs a powerful punch with its fog fighting capabilities. It is compact enough to carry in a pocket or bag during a ride and ha a quick and easy application. One small 0.5 ounce container holds many applications. While some reviews say that this product doesn’t work well on older glasses or goggles, it appears that as long as the lenses of the sunglasses are still in good condition, the ‘Cat Crap’ will defog them like a charm.

This is a much cheaper alternative to shelling out a few hundred for the best on anti fogging technology and athletes love how easy it is to apply as needed.

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