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Choosing Leather Cycling Shoes

At a time when classic leather cycling shoes are more than just purpose-built, it is good to know there is a wide variety of trending new designs for both men and women. In fact, there is a retro-cyclists view that leather is the best choice for serious cycling enthusiasts because of the classic sleek leather look and much tighter fit that helps during long biking trips.

The choice of leather for cycling shoes dates back to mid-19th century England when bicycle riders wanted a special shoe that can hook the shoe and rider more firmly to the bike pedals for greater control and adaptability.

Fast forward to 2018, and this golden age of cycling and shoes for serious cycling are made of high-tech and lightweight composite materials or in classic leather so as to have a shoe that can maintain top biking performance in all road and weather conditions.

Cycling shoe design has evolved over the decades and we have made fundamental changes to our shoes to help optimize performance. Most modern racing bikes feature a pedal system that is clip-less because a rider’s shoes should connect to the bike without being too solidly hooked into the cycle.

Louis Garneau Men's Tri X-Speed White Cycling Shoes

This great-looking cycling shoe for women is a must for riders wanting true anti-skid protection when riding both short and long distances. Shimano has a long and proud history of making the very best leather styled women’s touring shoes for feet that need to be kept dry and protected from the elements.

Shimano also prides itself in presenting shoes that are second to none in both style and adaptability. For instance, the company’s riding shoe web page features glowing testimonials from longtime female cyclists who like the range of colors and designs that Shimano offers; while this SH-RP2 style is popular with both young and more experienced female riders.

Another aspect of this classic Shimano cycling shoe is its high-tech features that aid in keeping the riders feet warm and dry. While most leather shoes offer similar features, it is Shimano’s specialized leather shoe construction and overall shape that gets the SH-RP2 onto this list. In fact, this model and style of Shimano shoe is credited with being easy to enjoy for both long and short rides; while being durable and comfortable. The shoe’s closure is user friendly and easy to buckle.

Shimano SH-RP2 Touring Shoes Review

Pros: They are stylish, comfortable, durable, and reasonably affordable. They are great for long or short rides and will likely last you a long time. They have high visibility options to help you stay safe.

Cons: They are pretty heavy, and don’t have a great selection of colors.

Shimano SH-TR900 Cycling Shoe

This classic cycling shoe by Giro Republic is all about style and comfort. Giro put performance and aesthetics at the top of the list when manufacturing this shoe. In fact, this classic sepia styled leather cycling shoe by Giro Republic evokes “old school riding competitions when wearing leather shoes was a sign of real class and professionalism,” The shoe has a variety of features including no-tie tightening that holds the rider’s feet in place after easy adjustment.

This Giro Republic LX bike shoe is all about design and durability; while also being a solid choice for serious riders wanting performance and style as an afterthought for the cycling shoes they like to wear. This product also features a driving design that we like because its sleek with a comfortable upper leather style and a truly sturdy padded heal.

Another aspect of this Giro Republic design is linked to its European design that denotes classic Italian or Spanish cycling shoes for serious riders wanting top performance in their cycling gear. The product is highly recommended by both novice and seasoned bikers who want a good fitting shoe with reflective and other safety features. The shoe fits great, say longtime riders sharing views online.

Giro Republic LX Review

Pros: The Giro Republic LX is a great choice for cyclists looking for a retro style that meets modern performance standards. It is lightweight and will perform great on long or short rides.

Cons: Safety is an afterthought. These shoes look and perform great, but lack the reinforcements we see in other cycling shoes that protect the rider in the event of a crash.

Tommaso Veloce 100 Triathlon Shoes

This classic looking Vittoria 1976 model reflects classic Italian cycling shoes made of fine leather and hand-stitched to perfection. These shoes are a favorite among cyclists. The Vittoria 1976 Evo-Cycling shoe design is comfortable, lightweight and oh, so very durability when riding for long periods of time.

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The Vittoria 1976 is also credited for being stylish and very well suited for both the new or longtime biker. The shoes have been put to the test and hold up in just about every riding condition you can throw at it. They are easy to put on, and fit securely. Unlike more traditional cycling shoes, the Vittoria 1976 is also casual enough to wear with street clothing. You could easily get away with making this your commuter shoe that you can wear on your way to work, and into the office.

The price point of this pair of cycling shoes is fair. You are paying for the high quality materials and thoughtful features. The shoes also feature what the manufacturer describes as the “ultimate” most comfortable fit because the shoes are based on years of bicycle riding research to find the best style and design for true foot-holding. The shoe’s cleat mount design is also very efficient for pedaling in all roadway and weather conditions.

Vittoria 1976 Evo Cycling Shoes Review

Pros: It is a high-tech, lightweight cycling shoe. It is downright gorgeous and can be worn not only on the bike, but with casual clothing as well. It will hold up in most weather conditions, including light rain.

Cons: This is not a shoe for cyclists with wide feet. They do not offer any wide size variations, or half sizes.

Choosing The Best Leather Cycling Shoes For You

Cyclists who are looking for a pair of leather cycling shoes traditionally have different needs than those who are looking for traditional cycling shoes. If you like the vintage look, with modern performance standards, a nice pair of leather cycling shoes may be the way to go.

Leather shoes do tend to require more maintenance than synthetic shoes, so be sure you are aware of that going into it. It is important that you ultimately select the pair of shoes that best fits your needs. This list was designed to do the research for you to help you make an educated decision so you can spend less time researching, and more time riding!

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