Top 6 Dive Watches for Women

Scuba Diving Watches for women

Scuba diving is a very rewarding sport. It is full of beauty and adventure. However, it is arguably very male dominated, leaving women high and dry when it comes to certain types of gear.

Being a female diver myself, I have always struggled to find quality gear that was specifically designed for me, as a woman in such a male dominated space.

You're probably here facing similar issues.

We created this list to help you find good diving watches for women that is specifically designed for the needs of a woman.

Here's a preview of our top picks for best dive watches for women. Just click "Jump to more details" to learn more about any particular watch.



Seiko SKX013

Seiko SKX013 watch

Has a more masculine, metal look but is thin enough to be considered a woman's watch. Water resistant up to 660 ft/200 meters. Very affordably priced. Overall a great value for what you pay.

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Cressi Giotto Wrist Computer

On Sale: 21st September 2018

Cressi Giotto Wrist Computer

The Cressi Giotto Wrist Computer is much more than just a dive watch. It will feed you all of the relevant stats you need during your dive, and has a large, clear display. It is hands down the best choice if you're looking for a watch exclusively for diving.

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Invicta Women's 8943 Pro Diver

Invicta Women's 8943 Pro Diver Collection Gold-Tone Watch Review

A great look for someone searching for a petite watch. Water resistant up to 200 meters. American made product, very inexpensive.

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Luminox 7065

Luminox 7065 Ladies Navy SEAL Dive Colormark Watch

A more casual look. Modeled after the diving watches used by Navy Seals. Water resistant up to 200 meters. Easy to read and operate under water. Silicon band is very durable.

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Oris Aquis

Oris Aquis Ladies Watch

A fan favorite diving watch. Stainless steel, with a seethrough back panel. Water resistant up to 300 meters. Easy to see in low light. Premiuim watch, so expect to pay more.

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Ulysse Nardin Lady Diver

Ulysse Nardin Lady Diver

Stunningly beautiful watch. Very high end, mother of pearl inlay or 18 kara rose gold with inlaid diamond design. Water resistant up to 300 meters.

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Choosing a Dive Watch

When it comes to scuba diving watches, or any sport watches on the market, most are designed to be large and bulky, and are geared towards men. Whereas alto fo watches marketed towards women are merely for aesthetic reasons, but many companies realize the demand for sport watches for women are in high demand and are releasing models to appeal to the female athlete.

The main difference of men watches and a dive watch for women is size. Men’s divers watches lean towards thicker wristbands and bigger watch faces, and women’s wristbands are smaller and geared to fit onto a women’s smaller wrists. Typically, a watch geared towards women, or with the women athlete in mind is 35 mm or less. While these watches are geared toward, women, it all comes down to personal preference. If you’re a man who wants a smaller watch, these will be perfect. If you’re a woman who likes the heavier style, go ahead and get one of those models.

Many of these watches are also made to be Unisex, so the model won’t specifically say ‘men’s’ or ‘women’s’ in the name, but those models of diving watches tend to be on the more conservative side and look like they could be worn for everyday attire, instead of just for a dive.

These five models of diving watches have consistently received top marks from athletes and amateur divers.

Seiko SKX013 watch

The ‘Seiko SKX013’ is a favorite among many divers, which is why it has its own seiko divers watch review on this list. It comes in multiple strap options, to choose what works best for the individual, from metal, to rubber for a more comfortable fit. It is also small enough at 37mm to go from the water to work, or vice versa, and is a bit smaller than its predecessor, SK007 which measured a much larger, and heftier 41.5mm.

‘Seiko’ is a very well loved brand because their watches perform great, are made of top notch quality, and are durable and stylish. It is water resistant up to 660 feet, or 200 meters, and has a solid four star review on amazon.

Now online, the ‘Seiko SKX013’ diving watch is considered a mans watch, but many men complain that the watch is too small for them, but perfect for female divers and watch enthusiasts. 

For the price range, if you are looking for a metal diving watch that can handle deep waters, this is a strong contender. If needed, you can replace the watch bands for a different style or in the event one gets too worn.

Cressi Giotto Wrist Computer

The Cressi Giotto Wrist Computer is a unique product on this list. It is more of a dive computer than a watch. This means it is absolutely packed with features that you need that you simply won't have with any others on this list.

This "watch" goes far beyond just telling you the time. It is specifically designed for the needs of divers. It has a simple 3 button design that allows you Air, Nitrox, and Gauge modes from the second you pick it up.

The large face shows you all the core stats you need in a bright, high definition display. The clearly visible battery display, as well as audible alarms to deliver critical dive information will give you peace of mind during your dive.

The computer functionality is based on a new algorithm through collaboration between Cressi and Bruce Wienke based on the Haldane model for safe decompression calculations. For an avid diver, this is the watch you want, hands down.

This is a bulky watch, but it is meant for use exclusively while diving. It comes in a variety of colors, so if you're not a fan of pink, there are some other more traditional options.

On Sale: 21st September 2018

Invicta Women's 8943 Pro Diver Collection Gold-Tone Watch Review

For a stylish watch on a lower budget, a definite choice would be this model from ‘Invicta’, the Women’s 8943 Pro Diver Watch. This particular model is made with 23K gold and its smaller size is perfect to not only be a functional piece of equipment for the female diver, but is also small enough to go from the dive, to work, to drinks on the weekend.

The ‘Invicta Womens 8943 Divers Watch’ is water resistant to 660 feet, or 200 meters, and its bezel has a scalloped edge for a secure grip and easy rotation. It is smaller than many high end watches with its watch face diameter coming in at only 25mm, and he band is made from stainless steel, plated with 23 karat yellow gold.

The watch is American made, in a small watch company based out of Utah, and relies on battery power. But according to reviews, the batteries do not need to be replaced very often.  And the watch itself comes with a one year warranty.

The ‘Invicta Womens 8943’ divers watch is on the cheaper end of the spectrum, but a purchase of this model does not skimp on any of the features or usefulness a splurge on a higher end model would have. 

Luminox 7065 Ladies Navy SEAL Dive Colormark Watch

For a more casual diving watch look, this ‘Luminox’ model is the perfect choice. It is on the higher end of the price spectrum, but since it’s modeled after Navy Seals military dive watches, and receive rave reviews for its performance and unique look, it is worth the investment for the casual diver. The watch is black with light pink accents on the watch face, which adds a ouch of fun to an otherwise regular looking watch, and is easy to use and read.

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The band is made from silicon for a flexible fit, and measures in at 7 inches long, and it’s watch face comes in at 35mm. This ‘Luminox7065’ holds up well to wear and tear so it’s great for the women with an adventurous and active lifestyle.

The ‘Luminox 7065 Ladies Navy Seal Dive’ watch is water resistant up to 660 feet, or 200 meters, making it great for the casual scuba diver, and its bezel is unidirectional, which is an essential feature in all diving watch models.

Oris Aquis Ladies Watch

For the serious and avid diver, a great investment to make in a diving watch would be the ‘Oris Aquis Ladies’ model diving watch. This ‘Oris’ watch is very high quality and a favorite of many. The watch face is 35mm and is the companion model to the men’s model of the same name. It is made of stainless steel with a ceramic bezel, and the brushed stainless steel band measures in at 7 inches long. Perfect for a women’s sized wrist.  A unique feature if this diving watch is the back of the timepiece. It is see through to see the inner workings of this high quality model, so great for anyone who has in interest in watch mechanics as well and wants a unique diving watch that is functional, without compromising on aesthetic.

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And while this model is not only stylish and works great as a casual watch, it is designed with the more advanced diver in mind with its water resistance up to 1000 feet or 300 meters. The battery reserve lasts for 38 hours and its luminescence is perfect and easy to see even in low lit areas.

The ‘Oris Aquis’ also comes in a diamond studded model, which costs more obviously, but perfect for the diver who doesn’t want to sacrifice style or add extra bling and flare to their equipment. This ‘Oris Aquis’ model is a very high end watch, so expect to pay a high end price. However, it is a premium watch with a premium design. It is a great investment for a serious diver.

Ulysse Nardin Lady Diver

Easily the most expensive watch on this top five list, the ‘Ulysse Nardin Lady Diver’ watch is a high end, professional diving watch geared toward the woman diver. In 2016 the ‘Nardin Lady Diver’ was updated with models which includes mother of pearl inlay and an option of a deep black clock background. The company also has a choice of model’s that comes in 18 karat rose gold, and inlaid diamonds.

Bands are available in stainless steel and rubber, and though this watch may seem like it was designed with only style in mind, this high quality and extremely popular model of diving watch has a forty two hour power reserve and can be used by the professional diver, with a water resistance of 1000 feet, or 300 meters. This watch does come in many models, with some only being water resistant to 330 feet, or 100 meters, but it is best to look into all the models of this watch to find the best one suited for the diver’s needs.

The ‘Ulysse Nardin Lady Diver’ watch has a diameter of 40mm, so it is a larger women’s watch, but the larger size does not make this watch heavy, or ‘manly’ with the many feminine details added to this model.

The ‘Ulysse Nardin Lady Diver’ watch does vary in price depending on the model. It is a premium watch, and comes at a high price. However, it is undoubtedly an exceptional piece.

Choosing The Best Dive Watch

Diving is a sport that evokes passion. It is one of those hobbies that turns into a lifestyle. A quality diving watch can mean the difference between a good dive, and a bad one.

Dive watches are not an inexpensive investment, so you should be sure that you are getting the best watch for your specific needs. This list is designed specifically for the needs of women.

Some of these watches are more expensive than others, while some offer different features. It is important to choose the watch that fits your needs, and your budget.

How did you like this list? Let us know in the comments section below 🙂

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