Best Wakesurf Boards of 2018

Best Wakesurf Board

Wake surfing erupted to the surfing scene in the 1950’s when a couple of teenage boys decided to see what would happen if one was pulled behind a boat on a surfboard, and from there it has become a popular past time of many water sprits enthusiasts. Back at it’s arrival, a regular surfboard was used for wakeboarding, but as it grew in popularity and more demand for the sport rose, companies started designing boards made specifically for wakeboarding to improve the ride. From there, the demand for the best wakesurf board grew.

Currently fifteen different companies produce and design boards for wake surfing, and a variety of styles now exist on the market. The wake board has come a long way from its original origins. Now boards are formulated for different types of rides. Whether tricks are the specialty or just a fast, slick ride on the water.

Styles of Wakesurf Boards

There are three styles of wakeboards to choose from, and for the beginner, deciding about which one to invest in can appear daunting. But each style of board is designed for a specific purpose in mind. The three wake surf board styles on the market currently are the surf style, the skim style, and the hybrid models.

Slingshot Gnarwhal Wake Surf board

Surf-style Wakesurf board

Surf-Style Wakesurf Board

The surf style of wake surf boards is designed after the traditional surfboard. These boards have a higher buoyancy than the other two styles, because of its longer fins and thicker body, and it ideal for those who are beginners in the sport. The surf style board is also ideal for having a wake surfing experience like average surfing, as it is good at catching and riding on waves. Also, able to reach high speeds and is said to have an ‘explosiveness’ factor. This model is also able to suit larger sized riders.

Skim-Style Wakesurf Boards

The skim style wake boards are thinner and shorter the its surf style cousin, this style is suited for more advanced riders who enjoy performing aerial tricks. Since it is a lighter board it is recommended for use with smaller sized riders. With its smaller fins and thinner body, this style of board is not built for speed, but the shape makes it perfect for performing skateboard inspired tricks.

Ronix 2017 Koal Classic Fish Wake Surf Board

Skim-style Wakesurf Board

Byerly 2017 5.2 Speedster Wake surf

Hybrid-style wakesurf board

Hybrid-Style Wakesurf Board

The third style of board available is the hybrid. Like the name suggests this style is based off components from both, the surf and skim style wakeboards. These models contain the best of both world, with the speed and sturdiness of the surf style, yet the maneuverability of the skim style. The Hybrid is suitable for all levels of wake surfers, and sizes.

Wakesurf Fin Options

While three options of body are available, there are also multiple other choices that can be made when purchasing a wake surf board. A major one is the fins used. Often an overlooked aspect when purchasing, the fins can greatly improve the quality of the board and ride, and play an important part in getting the best out of the board type purchased. There are four fin styles available and they are, the single fin, the twin fin, the thruster, and the quad style of fin. Each has their own unique purpose.

The single fin setup is, as it states, a single fin, that acts as a rudder for the board. It offers stability, hold, and control, but ca not help generate speed, so this style of fin is recommended for those who wake surf with larger waves.

The twin fin is a double finned board and has been compared to a ‘skateboard on the water.’ It offers a fun, exciting ride, and is best suited for smaller waves.

The thruster is a tri finned board, and is the most popular among wake surf board users. The center fin offers control, while the two side fins generate speed. This setup is perfect for all conditions of wake surfing.

The quad Fin is built for speed. Its four fins, two on each side, offer a fast and loose ride and allows the board to shoot down the line during a ride. It is best suited for wake surfing with big waves.

There are many options of wakeboard in each style available, listed below is the top rated boards for each style, Surf, Skim, and the Hybrid.

Best Skim-Style Wakesurf Boards

Ronix Koal Classic Fish Wakesurf Board

Ronix 2017 Koal Classic Fish Wake Surf Board

A longtime fan favorite from ‘Ronix’ this unique wake surf board is designed for speed and air time, earning the nickname, “the fun board.” Available in three sizes to cater to all riders of all sizes, weights, and skill level from noob to expert. It’s swallowtail end allows the board to carve through the water and pick up speed, while the wider body allows the rider to catch onto the waves and perform tricks. The board has been a longtime addition to the ‘Ronix’ wake surf board line, and though new models arrive every year, very few adjustments have been mad from it’s original design.

The ‘Ronix 2017 Koal Classic Fish Wake Surf Board’ is available through for $382.00 to $466.25 depending on size purchased, and hold a five star review.

AIRHEAD Pfish Skim Style Wakesurf Board

AIRHEAD Pfish Skim Style Wake Surf Board

A more affordable option is the ‘Airhead Pfish Skim Style Wake Surf Board’. Though less expensive than the ‘Ronix’ model mentioned beforehand, this board is still a fan favorite and widely popular among wake surfers, beginners and more advanced surfers. This board offers a steady ride with good footholds and on the Airhead website, it is described by stating “You’ll be doing air reverses and shove-its in no time!” and, “Our test riders have liked it better than boards that sell at twice the price.” 

The ‘Phish Skim Style’ is available In one size and holds up to one hundred and seventy five pounds. It can be purchased through for $197.65 and qualifies for Prime orders. It currently holds a strong five star rating.

Hyperlite Landlock Wake Surfer

Hyperlite Landlock Wake surfer

A perfect board for beginners, the ‘Hyperlite Landlock Wake Surfer’ is perfect for bigger riders, or those venturing into the wake surf hobby for the first time. A larger board, sizing in at five foot nine inches, this wake board grants a mellow ride and can tame any size wave during a ride.

Its deck is concave to provide better grip for riders, and the’ Hyperlite Landlock Wakeboard’ is renowned for its ability to suit everyone’s needs.

A bit on the pricey side, retailing for $299.00 on amazon, but based on reviews it is a great investment for anyone starting out.

Byerly 5.2 Speedster Wakesurf

Byerly 2017 5.2 Speedster Wake surf

The ‘Byerly 2017 5.2 Speedster Wake Surf’ board offers durability with a unique shape. As the name implies, this board is fast, and is best suited for wake surfers who are in an intermediate or expert level of the sport. The Speedster can hold over one hundred and twenty pounds and has three interchangeable fins to personalize the ride. The board does feature many Skim style features, though it also veers on the edge of being a hybrid as well, mostly to accommodate all wake surfers.

The board is also molded using compression, to ensure that even after vigorous use by many riders, the Byerly 2017 5.2 Speedster holds up and needs little maintained.

The board can be purchased through amazon in it’s namesake five foot two length for $294.92 and qualifies for free shipping.

Ronix Hex Shell Skate Skimmer Wakesurf Board

Ronix Hex Shell Skate Skimmer Wake Surf Board

Available in two colors, orange and green, and with two size options, this wake surf board by the company ‘Ronix’ tapped into the minds of the best wake surfers to formulate and design this model. Able to suit all levels of riders, the core of the ‘Ronix Hex Shell Skate Skinner Board’ helps take off any downtime from a ride, by having a thinner, more concave body, to be able to ‘ride the rails’ more efficiently.

Instead of building a board that keeps you on top of, or separate from the water, ‘Ronix’ decided to give this board a lighter feel and t make the rider and the water work in unison as a team.

The board can be bought through in both sizes, four feet three inches and four foot nine inches, and is available in neon green or orange. The price is currently $587.95 and receives free shipping.

Surf Style Boards

Ronix Honey Comb Powertail

Ronix Honey Comb Powertail

This high end board from ‘Ronix’ was developed for the rider who wants more contact with the water in mind. Described by as “You know when some of those shoe companies came out with those low profile soles and said it feels like barefoot running? This is how Honeycomb feels for wake surfing.” 

The ‘Ronix Honey Comb Powertail Wake Surf Board’ has a mid range thickness, which allows stability and balance, and though the board does give the rider more contact with the water, it’s shape is formulated to slide through waves with ease. Available in two sizes, four feet and eleven inches, and four feet and five inches, the ‘Ronix Honey Comb Powertail’ can support a variety of sizes and weights for an exciting ride.

The boards name is derived from a honey comb inspired core, to keep the board light, yet strong.  Its wide tail allows for more airtime over waves. The ‘Ronix Honey Comb’ arrives with a thruster set of fins, that can be swapped and interchanged depending on the needs of the rider.

Available through, the ‘Ronix Honey Comb Power Tail Board’ can be purchased for $420.00 to $849.99.

Slingshot Gnarwhal Wake Surf Board

Slingshot Gnarwhal Wake Surf board

Described as featuring a ‘progressive’ surf shape, the ‘Slingshot Gnarwhal Wake Surf Board’ has an updated look to the classic surf style wake board. It features a snubbed nose, and a fat tail, which adds more surface area to add more control to the board when hitting a wave. Making it perfect for trick riding. The flatter nose area also allows the wake surfer to attain more air from a wave to perform aerial tricks better.

The board can switch between double fins and quad style fins, depending on what the surfer wants from the ride, and makes it easy to switch the fins out by using a tool free click in and out system.

Its flatter ends give this four foot six board the same surface area as four foot ten or five foot long board and event though it has a smaller size it is able to hold a variety of weights.

The board can be purchased through for the price of $629.94 and qualifies for free shipping.

Ronix Koal Classic Longboard Wave Surf Board

Ronix Koal Classic Longboard Wave Surf Board

Another high quality board from the water board company ‘Ronix’, the ‘Koal Classic Longboard Wake Surf 2018 Board’ is a high quality laid back model.  It delivers a lot of push with its light body, and holds a very buoyant surfboard inspired shape. This longboard style wake surf board handles all sizes of waves perfectly and with ease, and is great for novice riders and even professionals.

The ‘Ronix Koal Classic Longboard’ can suit all sizes of riders, being composed of a lightweight core, that also increases durability and strength. The board comes equipped with a center fin with options to buy more and customize the board to persona; preference. It is also available in two sizes, those being four feet and ten inches, and five feet and two inches.

 Purchased through the board costs from $649.99 to $674.94 for the larger five foot two model.

Driftsun Throwdown Wake Surf Board

Driftsun Throwdown Wake Surf Board

Holding onto a strong five out of five star Review on, the ‘Driftsun Throwdown Wake Surf’ is a fan favorite among the wake surfing community. This surf style board features a kick flip back end, and a quad fin setup, to deliver a fast and responsive ride. The fins can also be adjusted if needed.

Measuring in at four feet and eight inches, this board is ideal for wake surfer up to an intermediate level as it is easy to use and very stable, allowing earning to come quickly and easily. It is also a stronger board being able to hold riders up to two hundred and fifty pounds.

The ‘Driftsun Throwdown Wake Surf Board’ is available through for the price of $399.99 and qualifies for Prime two day and free shipping.

Inland Surfer Tako Wake Surfer

Inland Surfer Tako Wake Surfer

Inland Surfer’ Boards have been called ‘best in class’ since their launch back in 2001, and their new model the ‘Inland Surfer Tako Wake Surfer’ definitely keeps that title in place. Built for durability and speed, this board is designed to ensure a fun and exciting wake ride, and can manage high aerial tricks and maneuvers.

The skill level recommended for this board is beginner to intermediate wake surfers, and it can hold an upwards of two hundred pounds, making it suitable for a high range of riders. It’s surf style shape allows the board to pick up speed quickly as it goes down the line, and to prevent any drag form interfering with the overall performance.

The ‘Inland Surfer Tako Wake Surfer’ is available through many retailers including where it can be purchased for $379.00 and qualifies for free shipping. The board also comes with two fins.

Hybrid Style Boards

Phase 5 Model X W​​​​ake Surfer

Phase 5 Model X Wake Surfer

This board was designed for the seasoned wake rider in mind. The ‘Phase Five Model X Wake Surf Board’ offers top of the line performance and durability, and its fishtail design helps to control the board through any wave.

The board also comes with three fins that can be adjusted to customize the ride, and are formulated to increase speed and stability. Reported to be the perfect hybrid, offering the best of Skim and Surf style boards, the ‘Model X’ is suitable for all levels of wake surfers. Though it is preferred by advanced riders.

Available through multiple retailers as well, the ‘2017 Phase Five Model X Board’ can be purchased through for the hefty sum of $739.00 but does come with free shipping.

Byerly Action Wake Surfer

Byerly Action Wake Surfer

The ‘Byerly Action Wake Surf Board’ is a light, yet durable board, and can withstand a beating without damage. Also designed to perform stunts and tricks on the water, this hybrid provides a looser feel on the water. Mimicking that of a skateboard.

The board can hold up to five fins, and it is recommended to use all five for maximum control, but four allows a ride with less drag.

It is currently available on in size four foot five, and includes a unique bee stripe design. It can be purchased for $594.99 and qualifies for free shipping.

Liquid Force Super Tramp Wake Surfer Board

Liquid Force Super Tramp Wake Surfer Board

This Hybrid style board is perfect for trick riding, and is said to be able to replace any skim board with its superior quality. It comes in three sizes, 51 inches, 55 inches, and 59 inches, and has a foam core for increased air time. The boards design and light core also are ideal for spinning tricks which is what the designers at ‘Liquid Force’ had in mind when creating this board.

It can be purchased through for $382.00 and free shipping.

Choosing The Best Wake Surf Board

Choosing a new wake surf board can require a ton of research. There are different styles for different types of riders, along with a broad range of quality and pricing options. If you are a beginner, a surf-style board may be the best option as they tend to be more buoyant and forgiving. Skim style and hybrid models are more suited for experienced surfers.

We hope this review helped narrow down the options for the best wake surf board for your needs. Let us know what you think of our review in the comments section below and share your thoughts on these awesome boards!

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